Friday, April 24, 2009

After the Click: The Landing Page Matters

We seem to spend more time worrying about getting online banner clicks than we do about what happens next. We spend time analyzing CTR (click through rates) and deciding if a .20 is enough or maybe it should be a .50 or above.

As a creative-driven operation, I have been focused there as well. I mean, if we get "low" clicks (again, what is that number and how do we determine 'good enough'?) then it must mean the creative sucks. Or it could be a stinky media buy. But I have also always been a big proponent of the landing page or site where our clicker ultimately ends up. To me, if we get banner clicks, by golly, we sure as heck better not lose those valuable eyeballs at the landing page.

A good landing page is consistent with the design and look of the banner or ad that drove someone there in the first place. Rule #1.

After that, it needs to be RELEVANT and FOCUSED. It needs to pay off the person who clicked.
The person who gave up some of their valuable time to follow us. That is the beginning of a relationship and trust is starting to be built. Don't repay that trust with....(see next thought).

So, let's say you clicked to get more info on a sock monkey that talks. But when you get to the landing page, you are overwhelmed with ALL our toys and you have to search to find Mr. Talking Monkey. Not good.

Cram-jammed with stuff does not make a good site or landing page.

Lastly, please don't ask someone to fill out a form with 10 fields in it. They'll dump. And never return.

You see, you have very few opportunities with potential customers. That guy or gal who dumped you on the long form? They're probably gone for good. You've lost your chance.

So paying attention to your landing pages or payoff sites as much as the creative that is driving people there in the first place, matters. Good design matters. Thoughtful copy that is to the point matters. Relevance matters. So if you get a .01 CTR, at least you will be making the most of it.

Here is a great quote to leave you with by Craig MacDonald at Covario: "
Bad landing pages are where good leads go to die."

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