Friday, May 15, 2009

Big Pharma Using Drug Giveaway to Boost Image

Just saw this article in Ad Age about how Pfizer is giving away certain drugs they manufacture to help those who have lost their jobs or insurance. The classic PR stunt, but with a do-gooder spin so popular today. (In the spirit of Hyundai cars allowing people to purchase and then bring back if they lose their job within a year. Only 2 cars brought back at this point, btw.)

I personally think it's all good. I do not care if either company is doing it out of their own selfish motivations for free PR and lots of business from all of us who think, "Ahh, that's a great company, I wanna buy from them." Which is how branding works.

To me, everyone wins here. And maybe that's what this country could use right now. A little win-win. Giving more. When you give, you get, right?

But I am curious what you think. So tell me. And take my new poll to the right of the blog.

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