Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Biotech/Life Science Marketers: generate better response rates

So how do you, as a marketer, make your audience respond to an offer, to a new product or to an existing one?

Understand people's basic behaviors.

Science has shown us that people's behaviors are driven by an Antecedent (your company asks a target to try a new product) or a Consequence (you will lose money if you don't try this new product). Antecedents and Consequences can be either positive or negative, immediate or in the future, and certain or uncertain.
But the thing that really makes a difference is this: it doesn't matter whether you're using a Positive or a Negative to motivate someone, because people will always respond more to two things—Immediacy and Certainty.

Think about why people have a hard time losing weight, say. Because the food is immediate pleasure gratification. Yummy. And the slimmer body is simply a future possibility—an uncertain one at that. Same with smoking. Why quit when you get your nicotine high NOW and you won't die from it until LATER? And even then you could be like George Burns, and smoke until you're 100 with no ill effects. The benefit of 'now' trumps the far-off negatives of 'later'. The certainty of pleasure 'now' far outweighs the uncertainty of pain 'later'.

So think of making your offers and your marketing calls to action more with Immediate and Certain triggers for your target. (You will certainly be rewarded immediately for such smart marketing by your boss.)

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