Friday, May 1, 2009

New Agency Model a Winner With Me

Creative Orchestra, out of the UK, has opened up shop to be maybe one of the first to be legally bound to delivering creative excellence. (Ok, so not sure how you can judge what makes the creative cut since it's subjective, but anyway....) Chris Arnold and Victoria Gallardo, both Creative Directors, started the shop.

They have officially been given the status of CIC (Community Interest Company), which means they are under legal obligation to cultivate creativity and deliver great work--instead of compromising to meet shareholder desire for bigger dividends.

The point that gets me juiced up is the very same reason I opened my business in the first place:

To quote from an article in Creativity about this new agency move: "As for the creative shop-for-hire model, Arnold says the age of the one-stop shop agency is over and clients are getting tired of seeing money get put into administrative costs instead of creative innovation. ....

Kudos and I will be watching them. Anybody out there got thoughts on this? Love to hear.

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