Friday, June 26, 2009

A new condition from too much "green"

I was talking to a marketing friend the other day. She is focusing on "green" marketing, but in clean technology and sustainable energy. Anyway, we were discussing how all companies are on the "green" bandwagon it seems and yet most of them are just trying to make a buck off of it.

Ug. We are sick of it. Sick of all the fake green. Which led me to coin a new phrase--a new condition we are all suffering from: Green Fatigue Syndrome.

Do you have GFS? How can you tell when a company is truly bringing new, safe, eco-friendly products to the table and when they aren't? Do you just tune out all mentions of "green" now? How will it all shake out? Are you a marketer who really has a great green product or service but you aren't sure how to market it in the sess pool of marketing that's screaming the same thing?

Well, that's when you call on a marketing pro who knows how to make your product and message stand out. Make sure you ask probing questions before you give them your business and see what they've done to help other companies market green. Ask what their motivation for specializing in green is. You'd be surprised how many "pros" out there don't know the first thing about green marketing and yet have gotten on the bandwagon along with everyone else.

Because if you don't do your marketing the right way, consumers and clients (B2B has gone green, too) will lump you in with all the other fake greenies out there and Green Fatigue Syndrome will flare up and shut off the ability or desire to listen to you.

GFS. How will we recover from it? Will be interesting to see.

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