Sunday, June 14, 2009

The new Paperless Business Card for Greenies

Yup, it's here. The paperless business card. And now you can join the greenies going paperless. A few ways to do it. One way is if you are on Twitter. Go to this link and subscribe with your info. The all you have to do is an @reply and add the hash tag #twtbizcard to your message. The person you send it to will get a prompt.

The other one I like is from DUB. And it sends your paperless card from your mobile phone directly into the recipient's mobile address book. And you can use nearly any type or brand of cell phone to do it. You can even connect with Linked In from this app and to send your card via SMS, simply text 'DUBME' and your recipient's email address or mobile number (ex. DUBME to 32075.

So forget exchanging cards at shows or other functions. Save trees, go paperless with your business card!

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Anonymous said...

I will miss the feel of an embossed logo.

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