Friday, July 17, 2009

Inserts Get Attention in Cluttered Ad World

Yep, 5,000 messages a day aimed at your head and you duck. Constantly.

But inserts are a way to stand out. Not only do they pop open to the page where the insert is because of the heavier stock, they usually, if done right, provide interactivity with your target.

And any time you can get someone to interact with your brand, you are golden.

It's the difference in someone walking right past your store or someone walking in and trying on clothes. If you're a B2B marketer, it's like someone calling you asking for a demonstration. Plus, you can often repurpose the insert as a direct mail piece and a handout at shows, for instance.

They're costly, yes, but putting out a less expensive ad or postcard that doesn't get near as much attention or engagement, isn't really saving you money.

I love doing inserts and interactive direct mail pieces. I almost ALWAYS recommend it to clients.

And here is a recent example of a great, insightful, masterful insert from Publicis Dallas for Terminix.

Who wouldn't freak out at that?!? And that's the whole wonderful point. Makes you want to call Terminix ASAP.

Kudos to the creative team and the account service folks who sold this and to the very smart client for approving it!

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