Thursday, October 29, 2009

Simple, clear creative. Another winner. FedEx.

This is our lucky day.

Stumbled upon another great, simple ad that says it all without saying anything. No copy for this jewel. None is needed.

ALWAYS look at your work and simplify where you can. FedEx could have put the line: From New York to Rio de Janiero
, but wouldn't that be like "see dog, say dog?" Yes, it would. Nice job. And kudos to the marketing director for NOT making the creative team "dumb" the ad down by adding unnecessary copy.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A simple ad that works--Guinness "Gets" It.

Here is an ad that is simple, timely, fun.

While beer is kinda beer, this ad doesn't try to claim anything different. Instead, it makes you like Guinness for its personality. You don't need to spend a lot of time with this ad, but you spend enough with it so you can "get it."

Many clients fear the "get it" time factor. But in an ad this simple, people actually enjoy the challenge of studying it for a moment for the sheer pleasure they get from "getting it." Which is why they call it a PAYOFF.

Never fear the simple ad with a fun, smart payoff. It makes the brand "sticky" and that's monumental.

Websites that work--based on emotions

Everyone makes decisions based on emotional responses. We know that. We might not always know we are doing it, but it's true. So why then do so many marketers make the mistake of creating websites that have no emotional connection whatsoever?

Forrester Research just came out with a study based on Emotional Experience Design. What many of us already instinctively know and try to get our clients to embrace. Check it out here.

Basically, my thoughts on this have always been to determine the EXPERIENCE you want your customer to have with your product/service, then infuse your site with that experience. Give them ways to feed their emotional and sensory needs. Not just boring, long "techs and specs." Yes, you do need the facts on your site, but surround it with an experience that completes the circle.

Make your site rich and interactive. Engage users. When you do, you'll have a site that serves you with success.