Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Study Shows CTRs are Down 50%. So Let's Do An Online Campaign, Now!

I have always maintained with my clients that click through rates (CTRs) on banners are not exactly the end-all, be-all of a banner campaign. Because instinctively, as a marketer, I know that people are still getting the message. Too many studies have been done to assert that fact, too. We take in a lot of information on a subconscious level as consumers.

And now a new study backs it up. You can read more, here.

But the gist is that people clicking your ad can't be the sole basis of how you judge your banner campaign's success. The bottom line is this: if you notice a shift in your sales or leads, you can thank your marketing. The reason to have any lead gen campaign is to get leads. And if you are, then don't shun your banners for low CTRs. I have this conversation about print ads, too.

I hear things like, "Well, we didn' t get any calls off our print ad campaign." But what they don't think about is that indeed the print undoubtedly generated support and awareness. So when someone saw a banner ad related to it perhaps then they clicked, or perhaps then they went to the website or picked up the phone. That's how marketing works.

So don't be so quick to judge on what you THINK you don't see.

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