Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Are Christmas Cards Getting the Boot from Social Media?

Holiday cards are always a source of much angst for many of us. We like to keep in touch with friends and find out what's been going on all year, but the time it takes to get the cards written, addressed and in the!

It seems this year, many of us are opting out of the traditional holiday-card sending activities. It seems Facebook and MySpace along with other social sites/blogs have kind of negated the need to send cards. I mean, we already know what our far off friends and family are up to—daily. And many times the posts we generate are pretty personal and granular, so there's not much more we could even think to say in a card, other than, "Merry Christmas."

So it is my prediction that we will see a drop off gradually in this tradition of yearly mailing. It's kind of sad, but I guess it does have its "green" advantages, too. (Not to mention no more hand cramps--albeit, we will all have carpal tunnel from computer use!)