Thursday, January 14, 2010

Marketing in 2010: It's ALL about consumer conversation

I just read the Marketing Media & Ecosystem 2010 study and Arthur Hendrix's (Editor of GoViral newsletter) assessment of it and found both quite interesting and supportive of my view of marketing in these media fractured times. You can read the study for yourself, but here is the basic bottom line for marketers paraphrased from Arthur's story:

• Media fragmentation, new technologies, personalization, and consumer power are the most influential driving forces in 2010.

• Taking a more consumer-oriented approach with your marketing actions is one of the main challenges marketers will face in the coming year.

• Rather than machine-gunning consumers with the company’s marketing communications, the role of the marketer will be to facilitate conversations with and between consumers.

• Brands that want to be present where their customers are can no longer regard digital and interactive media as “niche” capabilities.
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