Thursday, May 6, 2010

Do People TRUST advertising and if so, what forms of it?

I just read a post by my friends at The Blake Project and they included this chart from Nielsen that I thought was really enlightening.

Now, just because people say they trust certain forms of information or marketing more than others doesn't mean it's true. As we all know, we don't know ourselves and our motivations any better than researchers can know those things. But, that said, this survey was done under slightly different circumstances, and I quote:
"cultural anthropology methods were used to follow consumers from around the world throughout the day, observe their real world media behaviors, and question them about their attitudes toward news and advertising. This was an opportunity to go beyond hard numbers, to get insight into how consumers are thinking and feeling about advertising as a medium."
I was quite surprised by the findings personally.

So people trust friends' opinions and reviews, as well as others. This makes sense considering blogs, chat rooms, and other online review forums are swarming with people looking for information before they purchase. And this is BIG so marketers take note. This is why social media is KEY today for you. B2C and B2B.

But what amazed me was the pull traditional media still has. I have many clients who only want to be online. They don't like print because they often feel they can't measure its impact. Yet, here we are seeing that it still matters.

And the one thing missing was direct mail. Where is that?? Opt-in emailers are there, but still fall below traditional media. Very interesting.

It is still my opinion that an integrated, 360-degree media plan that finds people where they live and shows up in a variety of different places and times when someone is OPEN to hearing and engaging with the message, is still the best and only way to be successful.

Think about how you get your information. You see a print ad. Then maybe a TV spot and lastly, you see a banner out of the corner of your eye. Then you go online to research it all. Ta-da. THAT is how it's done.

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