Thursday, May 6, 2010

Simple, effective ads. Wonderful.

Man Vs Wild is a Discovery TV show where Bear Grylls, the "Man," dares to take on the "Wild," and teaches us survival skills. While doing so, he eats stuff that makes you cringe. Which is what makes these ads so engaging. And why many people watch the show. For its shock value. And why the simplicity and focus of the creative is so dead-on. They realized the food aspect was one of the top reasons people were captivated by Bear. I love ads that are this focused and clear. A single message. A single insight. A single grand slam!

(Click each ad to see it larger.)


Patton Brand Strategy said...

Thanks, great examples, please keep it up!

Black House Creative said...

You know me--love these clear, simple messages. Talk about breaking through the clutter. Why is it that so many marketers try to force so much stuff into an ad? When you can plainly see that less is more if you have a great insight to start with.

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