Friday, November 19, 2010

When clients say, "I just need a website."

I always say, "No, that is not necessarily true."  You might need a website, but you probably also need a lot more than that and maybe a website isn't first on the list. Branding matters. Do you have any? Who are you to your target? Do you have a persona mapped out and do you stick with it-- live it? Do you know who your target(s) is and what they care about? Why would they come to your website and what experience do they expect and need to have once there? How will they even know to get to your website? Maybe you need some advertising to drive them there. Maybe you need to determine how you'll use social media to your advantage as well. Do you mean anything to anyone right now? Or are you simply marketing to yourself and your internal people (read that as CEO)?

So please, don't call up an agency and ask for a website. And if they give you one without the above-mentioned questions and solutions, run!

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