Thursday, March 31, 2011

Smart Ad Campaign with Transparency and Approachableness--Miracle Whip

Miracle Whip, that odd, somewhere-between-mayo-and-salad-dressing spreadable goop, has done a very smart thing with its new ad campaign.

They let people speak their minds about why they either love it or hate it. They also recruited some "famous" people to speak their minds, thus helping get us all to check out the campaign and see which celeb likes or hates the product and why. (Pauley D from Jersey Shore hates it, by the way.)

Miracle Whip understands that it has a polarizing product and they embraced that fact. By letting people vote on whether they hate it or love it and leave comments, they have made the brand approachable, honest and likable.

They know they won't win over their haters, so by letting those haters speak up, they lose nothing, but they do gain the vehement loyalty of their users. Genius! People love to take sides and this cements the users in their loyalty and gets them to advocate openly for the product.

I, for one, despise Miracle Whip, but I now LIKE the brand.

Check out the YouTube Page with the campaign.

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