Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The testimonial ad campaign that works--for healthcare, no less

Wow, I don't know about you, but clients always like to fall back on the good ol testimonial campaign, and as a creative I always shiver at the mention. I buck it. I hem and haw. Ug.

Yes, they can work, but gosh darn it, they're so lame. UNLESS...

This ad was 1 in a campaign for NY Presbyterian Hospital done by Munn Rabot, New York. This team must've decided it was time to say, "NO MORE LAME TESTIMONIALS." And worked hard to uncover this amazing story that tells honestly, simply and with power. If I ever need to go to the hospital, I want his doctor and this facility.

If it works on an ad gal, imagine how it's working on everyone else.
You can't do good testimonials that reach out and grab someone without stories that connect to our human needs--in this case, to be truly cared for. Doctors are supposed to do their job, so another story about a not-so extraordinary effort just doesn't cut it. But this effort was out of the realm of everyday duty. I'm hooked. Kudos!

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