Monday, June 27, 2011

Pure Genius Ad: 2011 Cannes Print Ad Winner--Samsonite Heaven or Hell

It's always an exciting time of year for us creatives when Cannes winners are announced. This is the chosen Grand Prix print winner from JWT SHANGHAI, CHINA.

Not only is it art, (they have beautifully executed this imagery) but they have made you want to look at this ad for more than a passing glance of time. There is so much to look at, and yet the message is so simple and easy to understand. They also made this ad a bottom spread, thus making it stand out even more. This format added to the sense of Heaven and Hell. Visually grounding it, in manner of speaking. Pure genius.

I applaud them and hope all marketeers reading this will see the importance of taking risks, understanding that ads today need to be more than price and a starburst, and recognizing great ideas when they are presented.