Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Levi's "Go Forth" campaign is awash with bravado and hope

But is it art for art's sake? As an ad creative, I look at the Walt Whitman original recording tv here and the Bukowski poem-driven tv here and the print and swell with what I wish had been my idea. The copy is moving, thanks to poems by Whitman, Bukowski and others. The concept by Wieden & Kennedy is empowerment. Talking to the youth of our day--those who are mildly lost and not so mildly miffed at the state of affairs all over the world. It plays on that bittersweet emotional connection of love/hate.

But I find it all a bit too artistic, over the edge and unrealistic for a brand of jeans to try to tag onto the brilliant, thought-provoking, moving language of such poetic masters. 

I guess I am simply torn. As this is a message we all need to hear in these politically vile times, yet, I don't think it can be done via an ad campaign from Levi's. I watched the TV and felt myself agreeing and getting drawn in and then thought, what the?! Levi's, really? Levi's is going to lead the world with this call to action?! Too big. Too political. Too, too, needed to come from someone other than a company trying to sell jeans for God's sake.

But I do love it as art. So Go Forth as art!