Thursday, September 1, 2011

The General Mills "Cocoon" spot for kids' fruit snacks--creepy

Whoa. What was Saatchi & Saatchi in New York  thinking when they created this creepy, wrong-for-the-brand tv spot for fruit snacks?! What was the General Mills Brand Manager thinking?! 

I am all for doing attention-getting work. You have to. And anything aimed at kids or items kids will have a say-so in their mom purchasing for them needs to be somewhat "cool" to the kids. But, in my opinion, this spot crosses a line. It isn't smart strategically for the brand. 

General Mills has an upstanding, wholesome brand image and personality. Just look at their website. And this spot doesn't come close to fitting in. It's a disconnect. You can have a fun, engaging spot without going outside your brand parameters.

To boot, the spot has so much creepiness with the whole "You taste great" conversation between 2 young boys that it is alarming. I'd be willing to bet some young, male creatives came up with this spot and then they somehow talked their CD into it because it could "win an award" and then the CD got all misty-eyed and somehow sold it to the AE, who sold it to the, how, how?!? Why, why, why?!?

It must be in the air for big brands to be doing stupid things, too, because JC Penneny just did a HUGE no-no by putting out some "sassy" girl tshirts that had to be yanked. 

Check out a few of the tweets JCP received concerning the shirts: 
"Worst tee ever," "too stupid for words," "gross" and "repugnant"

Again, these big companies DO NOT own their brands. Their customers do. And in this case, moms (women, empowered women, women who have had enough of inequality for women) are the brand owner. Duh JCP. That is marketing 101. What were you thinking?

Or did you have your brothers do your "homework" for you? 

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