Monday, February 20, 2012

The Art of the Infographic

Some of the best and most engaging communications happen with a simple infographic. And in today's times when everyone has no time, the faster you can share an idea and the more powerfully interesting the look, the better.

There is a definite art to the infographic however. Here are two examples of  infographics-- one that expresses itself fast and easily and one that doesn't.

The CALORIE INTAKE infographic beautifully shows what you're eating and what it takes to burn it off. The colors and the way it is set up works perfectly.

An example of a great infographic

On the other hand, the SALAD vs BIG MAC graphic is a disaster. Not only is it boring graphically, it's wrong. The designer doesn't seem to understand percentages. They vastly over represent what 73.8% is and then compound the problem with the 3-D imagery.

Ick, not only is this infographic bad, the percentages shown are way off visually.

Inaccuracies and bad visualizations will take your infographic down, and fast. Not all designers are talented enough to dash out a great infographic. So make sure you consult a pro when building yours.

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