Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hey Yoplait, here's the real "skinny" on your miss-the-mark ad

Wow, what is wrong with General Mills and its Yoplait brand? Maybe they see women a bit differently than I do. But wait, I am a woman. I am their target. How are they getting this so wrong?!

What am I ranting so vehemently about? This off-the-mark ad for Yoplait yogurt.

It uses a thin woman lamenting into an open refrigerator about whether or not she can have a piece of cheesecake. Whilst an even thinner woman walks up and grabs a cheesecake-flavored Yoplait. The "fat" one says to the "thin" one, "Wow, you've lost weight."

Why on EARTH didn't they use more "real" models? I'll tell you why. Because advertisers want to represent their brand with beauty...still. And like it or not, they don't think size 10 or greater women are beautiful. They think all of us aspire to be size 4.

I can't tell you how many meetings I've been in with clients where the word, "aspirational" gets used as a reason and rationale for creating ads. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes, like in this case, not so much.

So here's the skinny Yoplait: You should ASPIRE to connect better with your true target market. Real women.

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