Thursday, July 26, 2012

The best content and how marketers can craft it.

Watch this video created in 1944 by psychologists to try to understand people's behavior around a relatively inane animation of a rectangle, 2 triangles and a circle.

What they found was that people created elaborate stories about how the big triangle was mean and trying to break up a love affair between the circle and smaller triangle.

People CRAVE and NEED stories. We weave them into our lives in many ways on a daily basis. Consider how many times you yourself have made up a story around a circumstance that you really didn't know that much about, but you assumed and started creating. Consider all the stories people share on social media channels. WHat do you share on social media personally? Stories grab us. Engage us.

It's human nature.

It's how we assimilate things.

And as marketers YOU must weave your brand story. Capture your essence and share your story over time and through many ways. You'll gain a loyal following if you do it right and you won't have to SELL so hard either. You will attract an audience and keep them.

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