Monday, November 26, 2012

Best TV spot of 2012?

McCann crafted this wonderful story that engages and pays off for Wider√łe Airlines, called "Grandpa's Magic Trick". Do you think it's a best spot of 2012?

Screen grab from McCann's beautifully shot and crafted spot for  a Norwegian airlines

Worst Tweet of 2012?

What do you think? Is this the worst Tweet snafu of 2012? I'd say it ranks up at the top. When, right after the Aurora, CO, shootings, an online retailer called CELEB BOUTIQUE, tweeted this trending hashtag and related it to their Kim Kardashian inspired dress they call Aurora.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Deceptive Packaging in Bed, Bath & Beyond?

It's often hard for me to separate myself from my advertising identity and mindset. But as I was browsing through big box retailer Bed, Bath & Beyond, something caught my consumer eye: A BAMBOO toilet brush set. Being someone who likes to try to be "greener," and someone who actually did need a new toilet brush set, I zoomed in. The packaging got me in seconds flat.  It said: Highly renewable natural resource. Cool, I thought.

But I began to look further. (To be honest, I almost just grabbed it and went to the checkout. What else did I need to know, right?) And as I take it off the shelf and dig around in the inside of the package, was I surprised. It was just the outside of the holder that was bamboo and it was bamboo glued onto plastic to boot! *sigh* I had nearly been bamboozled, literally.

Ah-ha! PLASTIC inside a bamboo container.

Deceptive? What do you say?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pinterest Adds Business Pages. (Finally)

News on the PINTEREST front for businesses. They are now offering BUSINESS PAGES. Indeed.

Here is the link on Pinterest to start a business page or convert an existing page.

Not much different from personal pages, except you can put in your business' name on the page instead of rigging it like we've had to do. But the news to me is that Pinterest is ON IT and understands the need for commercial opportunity. 

YouTube Offers In-Video Shopping Functionality

Shop right from a YouTube video now. 


YouTube now offers a way to "shop" via videos posted for retail brands. A "muted" box shows up on the video over products that are for purchase. When you rollover with your mouse, it tells you the product and you can click to go straight to page to purchase! Here is an example from a Juicy Couture video.

See that barely visible box around her? You click it to go
directly to the JC website to buy that bikini.