Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Deceptive Packaging in Bed, Bath & Beyond?

It's often hard for me to separate myself from my advertising identity and mindset. But as I was browsing through big box retailer Bed, Bath & Beyond, something caught my consumer eye: A BAMBOO toilet brush set. Being someone who likes to try to be "greener," and someone who actually did need a new toilet brush set, I zoomed in. The packaging got me in seconds flat.  It said: Highly renewable natural resource. Cool, I thought.

But I began to look further. (To be honest, I almost just grabbed it and went to the checkout. What else did I need to know, right?) And as I take it off the shelf and dig around in the inside of the package, was I surprised. It was just the outside of the holder that was bamboo and it was bamboo glued onto plastic to boot! *sigh* I had nearly been bamboozled, literally.

Ah-ha! PLASTIC inside a bamboo container.

Deceptive? What do you say?

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