Thursday, July 25, 2013

Logos gone wrong. Terribly wrong.

I have clients who ask me to create logos for them, only to freak when I tell them the price. They then go off to some cousin or friend of a friend or some crowd-sourcing online logos-r-us and invariably..... you know what happens.

What we do in marketing and specifically, design and branding, has value and is WORTH the extra cost to get your brand off the ground the RIGHT way. I tell clients, "Pay for a professional and cry once."

Check out the unintended consequences of logo designs that probably cost very little, until you consider the negative perceptions and psychological trauma of their terrible design.

Catholics helping children. But not like this. How did the designer miss this?!

Pediatric healthcare in a whole new light. Oops.

What's with this mouse and that AWKWARD
cord  placement.

They meant well with this logo. A setting sun behind a shrine...
but it didn't quite work out as planned.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Is your B2B brand human or a soulless entity? Connection Marketing time.

I went to see Seth Godin speak the other night. He's all about the new Connection Economy. And it's so true. No one is "buying" what you're "selling" if they don't feel connected to you. They aren't even paying attention, I can promise you. There are too many other things they DO feel connected to to bother with you.

Many brands, especially B2B brands, feel like they don't need to or shouldn't be REAL and HUMAN. After working in the B2B marketing space for quite awhile now, I see this all too often. And guess what, in today's world, that just isn't going to cut it.

People want to know there is someone behind the curtain. Not just some soulless entity trying to sell them a widget. A machine parts manufacturer still needs to have a human "face" on their brand.

Anyone in sales can tell you that it's all about chemistry and the relationship and this stands true even if there isn't a sales person in the mix. An ad is that "person." Or a brochure. Or website. Or social media presence. The whole of your communications is your "person."

So if you're selling your widget for $50 and so is another company who actually has a more human appeal and feel, who do you think is going to get the sale? And they could be selling their widget for $55 and STILL get the sale.

How can you humanize your brand?
You start with figuring out your brand passion and your story. And then stick to it. Tell it. Live it.  

Stop trying to be all things to all people. Find your "tribe" as Godin puts it. They're waiting for you to lead them. I call this finding your CONNECTION FACTOR™.  And everyone in the company needs to know it, feel it, be it. When those who share that passion and belief find you (and they will because you put it all out there), you'll have loyal advocates willing to pay the $55 for your widget over the 5 other brands that charge $50.

So don't be afraid to be human. Show some vulnerability. Check your ego and your chest beating at the door. We the people want real. You'll be amazed at how quickly you find your followers. Because you can't love a commoditized widget, but you can love someone who shares your passion and you feel a connection to.