Thursday, July 25, 2013

Logos gone wrong. Terribly wrong.

I have clients who ask me to create logos for them, only to freak when I tell them the price. They then go off to some cousin or friend of a friend or some crowd-sourcing online logos-r-us and invariably..... you know what happens.

What we do in marketing and specifically, design and branding, has value and is WORTH the extra cost to get your brand off the ground the RIGHT way. I tell clients, "Pay for a professional and cry once."

Check out the unintended consequences of logo designs that probably cost very little, until you consider the negative perceptions and psychological trauma of their terrible design.

Catholics helping children. But not like this. How did the designer miss this?!

Pediatric healthcare in a whole new light. Oops.

What's with this mouse and that AWKWARD
cord  placement.

They meant well with this logo. A setting sun behind a shrine...
but it didn't quite work out as planned.

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TLBurriss said...

A whole bunch of Oops, and a little bit of you're fired. We make mistakes in life and then must clean them up

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