Monday, June 23, 2014

Look up for the new marketing craze: Drone Marketing.

Has marketing gone to the skies? It seems so. As marketers, we're always on the lookout for originality and something "new" to break up the day-to-dayness of connecting with people. RIght now drones are the new go-to.
Imagine if you are a snack maker and you just came into the market space against all the biggies. How can you make a splash? (Or we should say a "drop.") Hire a drone to drop your free sample product into people's carts in the parking lot. Talk about buzz.
And this isn't far off as we have seen a few fearless marketers use drones to reel people in. Take Captain Dave’s Whale Watching & Dolphin Safari. They began using drones equipped with Go Pro cameras to shoot amazing footage of marine mammals off the Pacific Coast. Then they sat back and watched the tidal wave of customers. His YouTube video garnered 8 million views.
As a brand, to be seen as innovative and cool is pretty hard to top. Hire a drone and see what it nets you. (Of course, have a strategy that makes sense.)
Of course the FAA has not approved air space in populated areas like grocery store parking lots, but it's not going to stop marketers who desire to be on the cutting edge and looking for ways to out-do their competition.
So keep your eyes to the sky next time you run out for a gallon of milk.

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